Saving Time When Searching For Real Estate

Kennedy Property Abu Dhabi

The coronavirus pandemic has been a wakeup call for all of us. Surrounded by constant news of mortality and the fragility of life, we’ve all had time this year to reassess and focus on what is important, spending more of our valuable time with those we love. So what are tenants and buyers currently faced with when search for properties in Abu Dhabi?

  • Delays in scheduling viewings and meeting agents
  • Communication issues dealing with multiple agents for one property
  • Painfully long negotiation processes which drag out over several weeks
  • Excessive paperwork which needs to be signed over a wide variety of different locations

So what can be done? Surely the real estate industry isn’t going to stay in the stone ages and continue frustrating customers for years to come?

The crazy part is that the technology already exists to eliminate these inefficiencies. 

  • Go for exclusive listings online. If you see multiple agents with one listing, that is not a good sign that it will be an efficient acquisition process.
  • Go for agencies which value your time. Assess their websites to make sure they have the digital capabilities to automate boring processes.
  • Find one agency who you like and stick with them. Do not try to involve multiple agents in your search as it will just complicate the process and introduce communication issues.

Kennedy Property is an example of a company who will always prioritise your time and will make the real estate acquisition process as quick and as efficient as possible.

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