Meet Our Team

Introducing the team behind Kennedy Property Group! Our team is made up of professional and motivated individuals looking to leave their mark on the UAE real estate industry. Each individual brings their unique personality and skillset to our company. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but we are all connected by our common values which lead to our success in the real estate business.

Our Shared Values

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals Success

Diligence leads to
to Good Fortune

We believe we create our fortune in life through the decisions we make on a daily basis.

Kennedy Property Sales and Leasing

Constant and
Never Ending Improvement

Happiness in life comes from growth. We are committed to a system of continuous improvement

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals Integrity

Success Without
Integrity is Failure

We are looking to build lasting relationship with our clients. To acheive this, integrity must come before everything else.

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals Success

Energy and Positivity
Are Contagious

If we have the right attitude we will spread this positive energy to our co-workers and our clients.

Join Our Team

We are a market leading and innovative company with a fresh perspective on the traditional agency model. We use technology to enhance laborious processes so you can focus on growing in your specialism. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who share our values and will excel in their roles.

We are Always Searching for Talented Individuals

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