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We are a market leading and innovative company with a fresh perspective on the traditional real estate agency model. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who share our values and will excel in their roles.

Working for Kennedy Property

The traditional real estate agency model encourages employees to become generalists who spend hours on administrative tasks. We give our employees the support to excel in their specialism by using technology to remove mindless administrative tasks.

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals Viewings

Strong Support

Our employees benefit from our strong team culture where we support each to acheive our goals

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals

Business Results

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Kennedy Property Training Education

Training Programme

Our sales team have access to the most advanced sales training programme in the UAE

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals

Flexible Working

We have a flexible approach to working hours and encourage employees to find the best approach for them

A Word From Our CEO

Our Co-Founder and CEO Simon Kennedy explains our company's values and the ideal candidates we are searching for to work with Kennedy Property. If you feel you align with our values and have what it takes to succeed in this business, we would love to hear from you. Get in contact with us today.

Do You Align with Our Values?

We aren't looking for a specific profile or set of accomplishments. We don't mind where you have worked or where you were educated. Above everything, we care about your personality. To find individuals who will fit in with our organisation and excel in their roles, we are looking for people who share our common values.

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals Success

Diligence leads to
to Good Fortune

We believe we create our fortune in life through the decisions we make on a daily basis.

Kennedy Property Sales and Leasing

Constant and
Never Ending Improvement

Happiness in life comes from growth. We are committed to a system of continuous improvement

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals Integrity

Success Without
Integrity is Failure

We are looking to build lasting relationship with our clients. To acheive this, integrity must come before everything else.

Kennedy Property Sales and Rentals Success

Energy and Positivity
Are Contagious

If we have the right attitude we will spread this positive energy to our co-workers and our clients.

Market Leading Sales Training Programme

Our sales team gain exclusive access the UAE's first Real Estate Sales Training Programme which combines decades of experience in the UAE real estate market with the best in international sales training programmes.

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